Voting Rights Report Cards

2017-2018 Legislative Session

The right to vote is a fundamental aspect of any functioning democracy. Recognizing, however, that our elected representatives have failed to pass any comprehensive voting reforms in a century, we determined that it was necessary to explore other avenues to pressure our electeds.

We landed on the concept of grading our elected representatives voting records. However, in the face New York’s failure to pass any comprehensive voting rights legislation, our report cards analyze the legislation our representatives sponsored and co-sponsored as an effort glean some understanding of their actions and objectives concerning our most fundamental right. Our process in developing these report card grades is further explained in our methodology section. We hope that you will use this information to have informative, impactful discussions with your representatives, families, friends, and neighbors, and to further push our opaque governance system in New York into the light.

Brooklyn State Senator 2017-2018 Legislation Session Rankings:

Kevin Parker                                          Grade A
*Martin Dilan                                       Grade B
*Jesse Hamilton                                   Grade B
Velmanette Montgomery                     Grade C
Diane Savino                                        Grade C
*Martin Golden                                  Grade F
Roxanne Persaud                                  Grade F
 Simcha Felder                                       Grade F

*Former New York State Senators