Diane Savino

Represents the 23rd Senate District 
Sponsored Legislation Highlight – S5741; Provides that the board of elections will mail special ballots to victims of domestic violence who apply for one
Highest Points Category – Access/Ease of Voting (Category III); focused on individual barriers to voting, and issues concerning the physical polling place
2017-2018 Legislative Session Total Points: 38

Senator Savino’s voting rights record is ranked 6th of 9 Brooklyn State Senators.

Senator Savino represents the 23rd Senatorial District, which encompasses the North and East Shores of Staten Island and portions of Southern Brooklyn, including Bensonhurst, Brighton Beach, Coney Island, Dyker Heights, Gravesend and Sunset Park. She previously caucused with the Independent Democratic Conference.

Senator Savino sponsored bills to amend the state constitution to allow 17-year-olds to vote in primaries if they will be 18 at the time of the general election; protect the personal voting information of victims of domestic violence; and require certain voting materials to be provided in Russian. She has also co-sponsored bills to allow pre-registration of 16 and 17-year-olds; to facilitate the transfer of voting registration when voters move; to provide for electronic poll books; to ensure that the right to vote is not abridged because of race, color, or language; and to allow for no-excuse absentee balloting. Despite the promising legislation Senator Savino has sponsored or co-sponsored, there is much more than can be done.

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Brooklyn Voters Alliance (“BVA”) is an all-volunteer, non-partisan organization that works to protect and expand voting rights in New York State. We believe democracy is strongest when everyone has a voice. We promote voter participation, education, and civic engagement to ensure fairness and equal access to our fundamental right to vote.