As Andrew Cuomo faces Cynthia Nixon, progressives are confronting him on voter suppression

By David Colon | May 11, 2018

“New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is fighting to keep his job, in what is becoming one of the most contentious primary elections in the country this cycle. His challenger, actress and activist Cynthia Nixon, has turned eyes across the country to the race, and in some regards, pushed the incumbent to the left.


Erica Cohen, a member of the Brooklyn Voters Alliance, an organization devoted to expanding voting rights in New York, classified the state’s voting laws as a kind of “soft voter suppression” that makes voting more difficult than it needs to be.

“Any time people go to the polls and they’re told, ‘You can’t vote in this primary because you didn’t register correctly,’ it most likely means they won’t come back,” she said. With the state’s antiquated laws still on the books, Cohen expressed support for the resolution. “Anything that gets more people voting is good,” she said.”

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Brooklyn Voters Alliance (“BVA”) is an all-volunteer, non-partisan organization that works to protect and expand voting rights in New York State. We believe democracy is strongest when everyone has a voice. We promote voter participation, education, and civic engagement to ensure fairness and equal access to our fundamental right to vote.

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